Scratch Repair Pen
Scratch Repair Pen
Scratch Repair Pen
Scratch Repair Pen

Scratch Repair Pen

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Now You Can Fix Car Scratches By Yourself… In Seconds!

For the first time, Fix-It-Pro lets you Easily and Quickly fix car scratches!Just take Fix-It-Pro and run it one time down the scratch, you will see it Disappear Right Before Your Eyes!

Try it out and share It with your loved ones, friends and family!


How to Use:

  1. Shake the pen thoroughly without removing the cap.

  2. On a separate surface direct the tip down, press and release until the tip is saturated.

  3. Use the pen along and into damaged clear coat. Work quickly and expose the surface to direct sunlight at the temperature of 55 degrees (F).

  4. Wipe off excess with a dry cloth. Expose the surface to sunlight for 1-48 hours

The secret lies with the NEW clear coating residue that fills the scratch and hardens in the sunlight. It goes on clear, dries clear and works on All Colors.

You should always have this amazing product in your tool box and car to keep your precious car looking brand new. Perfect for dates or to cover up scratches on the car (just in case your family freaks out).


  • US/UK/CAD/AUS: from 2 to 4 weeks
  • Europe & Worldwide: from 3 to 5 weeks